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Skyfall vs casino royale

7. Jan. nun, da die Euphorie um Spectre schon etwas gesunken ist, interessiert mich welchen Sam Mendes Bond ihr für den besseren haltet. Budget Mio. $ Titelsong Adele - Skyfall Crew Regie Sam Mendes Drehbuch Neal Purvis Robert Wade John Logan Produktion Der Film ist keine Fortsetzung von Ein Quantum Trost und Casino Royale. Skyfall - Bagger vs Zug. Das dritte Kino-abenteuer gewann wie „Feuerball“ und „Skyfall“ Oscars. Als Pierce Brosnan XXS: James Bond "Die Akte Casino Royale". XXS: James.

Quantum of Solace was ruined for me by quick-cut editing and the paint-by-numbers script, it seemed more like a Roger Moore vehicle than a modern Bond movie.

Skyfall felt like the producers were forcing too many tired Bond tropes and references into what was otherwise just a rather bland Bourne clone.

And don't get me started on the head-scratching plot holes and the ludicrous end sequence at the Bond estate. Or the fact that Bond basically failed in every aspect of his mission?!

Casino Royale, on the other hand , actually took the Bond franchise in a smart, modern and nail-biting new direction.

And that's just what the series needed. Judi Dench is my favorite M but as the 'Bond girl' in Skyfall? Watched it again a few weeks ago and it occured to me that this is just the most boring not the worst Bond film I've ever seen since started watching them in I don't rate Casino Royale that highly either but atleast it looked and felt like a Bond film.

Quantum of Solace just plain sucked. It was way too confusing. There were times I didn't understand what was going on in that movie.

Instead, I followed the action. At those points, obviously nobody cared about the plot, including the writers and the director.

I don't get the Quantum ending. If someone throws me a can of motor oil and then strands me in a desert am I suppose to carry it for miles and then drink it?

That made no sense. The whole Quantom movie was just so rushed I think they could have slowed it down a little and added some more storyline It could have been worse.

I could have been Moonraker. Casino Royale is just a great movie. It was a triple play in that the franchise, Donald Craig and the producers were all under attack while the movie was being made.

Together they pulled it off and in the process, achieved greatness. As for the Villain, Sean Bean played a much more convincing rogue 00 agent. That being said, Daniel Craig was not the problem in this movie.

The plot and future were the problem. My Top Bond films In my life time 1. Both of those films are great. Classic Bond Films 1. From Russia With Love 2.

What Is your opinion? Are you sure you want to delete this answer? I was not disappointed with Sky fall so to speak, as you said, it touches a more old school bond emphasis.

We all have our own favorite bond adaptations and vibes ourselves. So I can always understand the major diverse, favorite choices from one to another.

Personally however, Casino Royale it was far more driven with the action, thriller story line and more of those cringing moments and even the tragic babe love story, that we can all associate with, from the bond films in general.

I too find CR to be more broadly greater in ways that I can feel confident enough to say, it was the better of the two. Daniel Craig's performances were brilliant in both regardless.

Boy, I differ from the other two. Javier was good in other movies, but way too silly in this one. Plus, that fight scene at the end was really boring Casino Royale was awesome and I even thought the first sequel was OK.

I think Peirce Brosnan was the silliest Bond. Sean Connery is the original and the best, but Roger Moore was also quite good lending some humor to the Bond series.

However, Craig is also quite good. Agree that Casino Royale was better than Skyfall, but I was not as disappointed with Skyfall as you appear to be.

Casino Royale and GoldenEye are probably my top 2 Bond films also. Also agree with your thoughts on Timothy Dalton and classic Bond films. I will disagree with Roger Moore first of all, I think that he was the weakest Bond and Octopussy was one of the weaker movies.

The Spy Who Loved Me was decent. There is really no clear winner - there almost equal. Way too many errors and plot holes.

To me everything about Casino Royale was perfect to me. The action, romance, story, torture scene, music.

What an awesome freaking movie. Call me a sucker for action, but I really think Silva is one of the best villians the Bond movies have had in a while.

At least since Trevelyan. Skyfall was a great Bond movie, it had its moments making it worth rewatching, but Casino is on a whole other level.

Skyfall had one of the best intros in a movie, but the story got a little cliche and I was not a fan of the Home Alone sequence close to the end.

CR great movie all the way to the end. Please Log In to post. This topic is locked from further discussion. Which one do you prefer?

Skyfall was great until the last 3rd, where it turned into a stock action film. I've only seen each film once.

Based on both of those viewings, I was more impressed with Skyfall. Riverwolf Follow Forum Posts: SaintLeonidas Follow Forum Posts: Both are good in their own ways.

DharmaMember77 Follow Forum Posts: Mostly for the opening action scene and Craig and Green's chemistry. They show, what, four hands?

Casino Royale edges it out Bikouchu35 Follow Forum Posts:

Casino Royale is certainly csgorl And keep in mind, this is my opinion: Large chunks of "Quantum of Solace" were cobbled together apparently without the help of the writers and it still new casino bonuses no deposit up höchste gewinnchance lotto to repeated viewings than "Skyfall". No Country fo Old Man. Every action scene in Skyfall on gametwist casino other hand Beste Spielothek in Alterschrofen finden fantastically Beste Spielothek in Plitschenwinkel finden, and well choreographed. As much as I loved it I hated Quantom of Silence No, create an russian league now. There is really no clear winner - there almost equal. Skyfall was fucking amazing. I never really alles spitze spielen any of the Daniel Craig Bond movies but loved Skyfall. Compare that to Vesper. Not saying Skyfall sucks but Casino is the betrer movie. Plus, that fight scene at the end was really boring Skyfall had toooooooo many lapses of logic The casino scenes were very well done csgo minesweeper bvb heimspiele 2019/19 in my opinion. Casino Royale wins by a nose, and for two reasons: You must log in or sign up to reply here. I liked the main theme for Casino Royale better than Adele's Skyfall. There are boring stretches of Casino Royale, but, frankly, there are boring sections Players Club - Mobil6000 all Bond films, I have never been that big of fan. The action, romance, story, torture scene, music. But it's got worse action and plot Not too happy with the return of the formula either. Casino Royale was awesome and I even thought the first sequel was OK. This is pretty close but In the end I have a love for Casino Royal that won't be beat by another Bond. And they're shinier than Beste Spielothek in Unterboxleithen finden. He doesn't hold a candle to Silva, who steals nearly every scene he's in. I kinda voted for Casino - a masterful and highly creative rebirth of the classic franchise though Onlein casino of course has the best villain ever in Bardem. Casino Royale is the better of the two I think What classic movie is this line from: Ein Moore wäre liegengeblieben. Ich habe beide Filme gesehen, um genauer zu sein beide 2 Mal. Kehrt Daniel Craig nun doch als "James Bond" zurück? Limitiert auf jeweils 1. Denn vorstellen Beste Spielothek in Ehe finden man den Agenten ja eigentlich nicht - wie der Songtitel schon sagt: Denn es gibt genug andere Filme, die das Bond-Feeling besser getroffen haben. So ist Casino Royale auch ein Film über Abstumpfung und zeigt, wie aus dem Jungspund mit einem "overdeveloped trigger finger", wie es M Judi Dench einmal so schön sagt, die eiskalte, berechnende Killermaschine wurde.

Nov 28, 7. FeminineOdor , Nov 28, Nov 28, 8. Nov 28, 9. MutatedZombieRat , Nov 28, Nov 28, TabathaFiat , Nov 28, But Skyfall had the Joker doe.

Crazy , Nov 28, Last edited by aexyas , Nov 28, RommelMcDommel , Nov 28, Skyfall is amongst the best Bond movies. SpiderMan and MutatedZombieRat like this.

Watch the movie again. If it doesnt make sense to you this time, then you are mentally challenged. Last edited by lykeuhbawss , Nov 28, Feb 2, Messages: Both are good in their own ways.

DharmaMember77 Follow Forum Posts: Mostly for the opening action scene and Craig and Green's chemistry. They show, what, four hands? Casino Royale edges it out Bikouchu35 Follow Forum Posts: GamingVengeance Follow Forum Posts: I was pretty disappointed with skyfall actually because people hyped it up so much, still a good movie, but nowhere near "best bond of all time".

Swanogt19 Follow Forum Posts: I like Daniel Craig playing the role of James Bond, and Skyfall was beautifully shot, but the movie was dull and boring and very forgettable.

And Casino Royale wasn't any better. But again I like Daniel Craig playing the role, it's not his fault these movies suck.

Zombiekiller Follow Forum Posts: I'd go with Skyfall, but I like both. No Country fo Old Man. Zeviander Follow Forum Posts: JasonDarksavior Follow Forum Posts: I never really liked any of the Daniel Craig Bond movies but loved Skyfall.

Casino Royale for me. Casino Royale is a better made film but I enjoyed Skyfall more. C-Lee Follow Forum Posts: Casino Royale for sure.

Watched both recently, and I'd say Casino Royale is the better film. Campbell gave us Green Lantern.

Sojgat Member Dec 6, Skyfall is a shameless Dark Knight rip-off with a brain dead script. The first 40 minutes are actually really good, but then it all just falls apart, in the most boring way possible.

It's amazing how he managed to make such a great Bond movie, given his terrible track record. BadWolf Member Dec 6, Looks like Casino Royale is passing the test of time more gracefully than Skyfall.

TheExorzist Member Dec 6, Casine Royal was the first Bond I actually liked. Amazing movie, far better than Skyfall. Never understood the need for the last couple of scenes in Italy.

Man Member Dec 6, Skyfall is damn good but Casino Royale is an all-time classic. BravesCountry Banned Dec 6, I was so damn excited for skyfall and I ended up feeling extremely underwhelmed leaving the theatre.

I wish I had written down my thoughts on it, it was just kind of forgettable to me. Rymuth Member Dec 6, Stereogatari Banned Dec 6, Oh man that's such a tough one.

I've never rewatched Skyfall, I'll have to give both a rewatch soon and judge from there. My gut feeling says Casino Royale.

That felt more traditional Bond whereas Skyfall tonally went in a very dark direction. Final act of Skyfall was a let down, rest of the movie was great.

CR is better plotted and I think I like the action scenes better though I haven't seen it in ages. Japanmanx3 Member Dec 6, But Skyfall wasn't bad at all.

A little long and slow in spots but no bad. Quantum of Solace sucked though. I think I enjoyed Skyfall more. I think it was 'better cinema', for want of a better phrase.

I'm also more sympathetic to it due to the not insignificant overlap of people who will try to argue it's junk whilst also trying to argue that QoS is 'actually pretty good' or something.

Casino Royale for sure. The music, the opening. All better than Skyfall. Of the Craig movies so far CR is far and away the best.

Skyfall was solid, and I still haven't even seen Quantum. Casino Royale is still the best. It was a solid, mostly grounded film, and was a great way of starting anew.

Skux Member Dec 6,

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Skyfall vs. Casino Royale Review

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Bond folgt den Entführern mit einem Flugzeug, wobei er die drei Autos der Entführer in einen Unfall verwickelt, bevor er mit Swann flüchtet. Bonds Dienstwagen In diesem Film wurde Daniel Craig als neuer eingeführt, und da konnte es natürlich nur einen Dienstwagen geben. Internet Movie Database , abgerufen am 4. White führen, einem ehemaligen Mitglied von Quantum , dessen Spur sich in Altaussee in Österreich verliert. Sie stellt sich jedoch als deren Tochter heraus. Sie wurde eigens für den Film ins Leben gerufen und soll auch in Zukunft Bestandteil der Feierlichkeiten bleiben, nicht zuletzt aus touristischen Gründen. Ralph Fiennes in Bond 23? Zurzeit liegen beide Filme sogar etwa gleich auf aber beide sehr gut.

vs royale skyfall casino -

In dem für Charlie Chaplin typisch tragisch-komischen Stummfilm mit einigen Tonelementen verkörpert er erneut die berühmte Rolle des Tramps. Dieser ist darauf aus, den britischen Inlandsgeheimdienst MI5 und den britischen Auslandsgeheimdienst MI6 zu fusionieren. Der Held kriegt gerade einmal ein Auto und zusätzlich unfreiwillig einen Ortungs-Chip in den Arm, damit er nicht noch mehr Mist baut. Und eine Frau Bond muss es nun wirklich nicht sein. Bei Idris Elba hat das aber nichts mit der Hautfarbe zu tun sondern seiner Statur. Rotten Tomatoes , abgerufen am Thomas Newman komponierte erneut den Soundtrack. Hier ist die Anfangsszene meiner Meinung nach etwas schwächer, als schlecht wüde ich sie auf keinen Fall abstempeln. Vorherige Seite Nächste Seite Seite Juli , abgerufen am 3. Später soll er zu Connery einmal gesagt haben, dass die Million jedoch am Ende billiger gekommen wäre als das nachher um den Film entstandene Chaos, das nicht zuletzt durch die Vielzahl anderer Stars zustande kam. Planet Ocean Big Size. Le Chiffres Vertreter Percy Herbert: Swanns Entführern entsprechen keinen realen österreichischen Kennzeichen, sondern sind aus mehreren zusammengesetzt: No von und Diamantenfieber von auf. Feldman bemühte sich zunächst, Sean Connery als Hauptdarsteller zu gewinnen. Diese Cookies ermöglichen es uns, Informationen darüber zu sammeln, wie Besucher die Internetseite nutzen, beispielsweise um Besucher zu zählen und zu sehen, wie sich Besucher auf der Internetseite bewegen. Kassierer im Casino Chic Murray: Casino Royale entstand zu einer Zeit, in der sich die Reihe neu erfinden musste. Bevor jetzt aufgebrachte Fans die Kommentarsektion fluten, muss meine Aussage etwas spezifiziert werden. Ralph Fiennes in Bond 23? Er will nichts mehr mit Geheimdiensten zu tun haben, selbst ein Schreiben der Königin kann ihn nicht umstimmen. Rotten Tomatoesabgerufen am Thomas Newman komponierte erneut den Soundtrack. Wie hat der Film alle weiteren Bonds beeinflusst? Filme von Sam Mendes. Der Titelsong ist nur als gekürzte Instrumentalversion enthalten. Thomas Newman komponierte erneut den Soundtrack. Das Tolle an Casino Royale ist jedoch, dass er auch für Leute funktioniert, die mit der Reihe eher westspiel casino duisburg permanenzen am Hut haben. Dezemberabgerufen am

Skyfall vs casino royale -

Den im Jahre erschienene Film von Martin Campbell findet jeder toll. Ein Beitrag von Sat. Das macht jetzt nicht gerade Mut. Limitiert auf jeweils 1. Juni , abgerufen am 2. Diese tauchte zuvor in Filmen zwischen jagt Dr. September um

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